Open Letter To Unions: UKSCN Stands in Solidarity

The same bosses who cut wages are polluting the air. The same bosses who tried to stop workers fighting for their rights are heating up the planet. The same bosses you fought in the past are the ones we will defeat together. You forced politicians to take action and so will we.

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George Bond
UKSCN is Political, Not Party Political

We’ve burst onto the scene as one of the most political forces on the horizon, and we want to make it implicitly clear that we’re not aligned to one or any political party. We’re passionate, we’re vocal and we come from a huge range of backgrounds that influence our politics. But we are united in our struggle for climate justice, not just in the UK, but universally across the globe, irrespective of borders. This defines our movement; it’s our calling card and it's our green line. On this we’re immovable. If you pledge to take the necessary action to address the climate crisis, we will be supportive and rally behind you as long as your motives and intentions are true.

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George Bond Comments
UKSCN Condemns Cumbria County Council's Plans for New Coal Mine

The UK Student Climate Network is deeply troubled by Cumbria County Council’s unanimous decision to grant permission for a new £165m coal mine in the region. The actions of Cumbria County Council articulate in no uncertain terms that they do not care for the future of young people in Cumbria, the United Kingdom and beyond.

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National Union of Students & UKSCN Release a Joint Statement

NUS (the National Union of Students) supports the demonstrations on 15th March 2019 as part of the Youth Strike 4 Climate in the UK. Students and young people have a crucial part to play in defining the political landscape, and we welcome positive and bold climate action, calling on governments and those in positions of power to act on climate breakdown.

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