Welcome to your blog.

Strikers, organisers, speakers and shouters, this space is one to be filled with your stories.

The voices from your strikes, across the country, in small towns and huge cities, here – and here together.

These stories are vital in creating a culture of solidarity in which we do not seek to compete against each other for grades and followers, but support each other in times that can seem terrifyingly uncertain.

UN climate report 2018 gives us 12 years to cut emissions by 50% to avoid catastrophe

On this blog, there will be the opportunity to share these fears, along with actions taken to stand up for a future in which we do not face total and inevitable ecological collapse. The UK Student Climate Network is, after all, a network of people, and these people (us!) can come together to form a new kind of community. This blog is just one element of that community – it’s a mouthpiece.

Stories on here will help to encourage our generation to be the one to put climate justice into the public consciousness – all its effects, and all its solutions. Sharing them will help us all to understand our own voice amidst the noise of destruction which echoes all around us. And without votes for sixteen year olds, our generation – like the Earth we are trying to protect – has been silenced.

So, we’d love to hear from you – why, where, and how as a young person you are reforming the role of the youth in climate debate.

As well as accepting submissions, we’ll be using this blog to keep everyone in the movement updated on what major actions are coming up, what they can do to help, along with day-to-day happening within UKSCN.

By Sophie Sleeman