GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE – UK Student Climate Network Statement

We’re in the midst of a crisis. Our economic system, the relentless burning of fossil fuels and extraction of resources has pushed us to the brink of irreversible disaster. The scientific warnings could not be clearer and the evidence of these impacts is unfolding around the world, disproportionately affecting those that have contributed least to the crisis. As the government continues to fail to take action, wildfires, droughts, severe flooding, tropical storms and cyclones are devastating communities with increasing severity.

The pursuit of growth at all costs and continuous profit-seeking has had little regard for the majority of people or nature, nor the land, water or air we all rely upon. Those who have historically done least to cause the climate crisis, remain on the frontline of its impacts and continue to suffer first and worst.

Climate breakdown and the destruction of the natural world is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Such a challenge requires a solution equally great to meet it head on. To emerge from the climate crisis requires bold thinking that moves beyond what has been previously thought possible and into what is necessary.

We’re at a critical point in human history. We require concerted, organised and mass action immediately. Collectively we must force our elected representatives and those in positions of power to act with the urgency and ambition to implement the solutions to the climate crisis and social and economic injustices. We must take to the streets to show the power and passion of our movement.

Our solutions must be grounded in climate justice. Our solutions must reshape our world and reorient our economies and societies along environmental and social principles.

We demand justice, equity, clean air, water, land and a future.  We demand a rapid elimination of emissions as soon as possible, in a way that’s fair for all. We want a Green New Deal. We want to see our views and voices heard in the halls of power, we want action now!



We must create a better world, and we believe if we work together, it is possible. 

The youth strike movement is calling for everyone, young and old, to stand in solidarity and mobilise alongside them for the Global Climate Strike and the fight against injustice. On the 20th September, we will take to the streets in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK to demand the change we need.

We stand alongside the UK Student Climate Network. See you on the streets. 

Signed by (A-Z):


38 Degrees

Amnesty UK


A Rocha UK

Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union



Black Lives Matter UK


Campaign against Climate Change

Christian Aid

Christian Climate Network

CLASS – Centre for Labour and Social Studies

Common Wealth


Divest Hackney

Earth Strike UK

Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion Youth

Fauna & Flora International

Feedback Global

Find Your Feet

Fossil Free London (Divest London),

Fossil Free Newham

Frack Free Greater Manchester

Fridays for Future Manchester

Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Fuel Poverty Action

Global Action Plan

Global Justice Now

Global Witness

Green Anti-Capitalist Front

Green Christian

Green New Deal Group

Green New Deal UK

Greenpeace UK

Health Poverty Action


Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Labour for a Green New Deal

Landworkers Alliance

Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

London Cycling Campaign

LSE Divest

Manchester HE Climate Strikers

Manchester Trades Union Council

Marine Conservation Society

National Pensioners Convention


New Economics Foundation

No 3rd Runway Coalition

NUS (National Union of Students)

Operation Noah

Parents 4 the Future

People & Planet

People’s Health Movement UK

Project Everyone

Reclaim the Power


Rewilding Britain



Stamp Out Poverty

Sum of Us


The 4 Day Week Campaign

The Climate Coalition

The Climate Crisis Foundation

The Equality Trust

The New Weather Institute

The Mix

The Social Change Agency

Quakers in Britain

UCU – University and College Union

Unlock Democracy

UK Student Climate Network

UK Youth Climate Coalition

Wildlife Trusts

Woodcraft Folk

Wretched of the Earth