Public concern about the climate crisis has never been as high as it is now. The majority of people in the UK have said that climate will influence the way they cast their vote in the next election. Therefore, we must make the election one that focuses on, and is defined by plans for climate action in the UK. The IPCC, the UN’s climate change advisory body, has concluded that we have just a decade to halve global carbon emissions to stay below the 1.5°C target. Hence, this will be the vote that decides whether Britain takes a leading role in helping to resolve this emergency.

The youth climate movement, alongside Possible and a coalition including sectoral organisations, trade unions and environmental NGOs, is calling for a national televised election debate on climate and nature. We, the undersigned scientists and academics, support this call wholeheartedly. As scientists, we confirm that the youth movement’s concerns are well-founded and rest on highly robust scientific evidence. Hence, we join their call for a political party leaders’ debate on climate and nature where candidates will outline and discuss their parties’ plans to tackle the climate and ecological crises.

In line with the IPCC’s conclusions, global society needs to urgently reduce the emissions of the main climate pollutants – especially carbon dioxide and other key greenhouse gases – and reduce them to (net) zero at the latest between 2040 and 2050. Industrialised countries like the UK should take a leading role in this transition due to our prosperity and historical responsibility for the problem. The more rapidly we cut fossil fuel use and other sources of climate pollution, the more likely our chances of limiting global heating to 1.5°C, thereby averting the worst effects of climate disruption. The British public has a right to hear how – or indeed whether – our politicians intend to do this.

Join us in our call for a leaders climate and nature debate now.

As scientists and academic experts in other fields, we strongly support the youth climate movement’s demand for rapid and ambitious action, and consider it our social responsibility to point out the consequences of inadequate action.

A national, televised leaders climate and nature debate in which the candidates must lay out their plans to act in a timely manner with sufficient ambition is the only way to ensure this crucial issue is at the top of the political agenda and to give UK citizens the ability to judge which parties and candidates are best able to pursue this ambition.

This climate emergency must be fought at the ballot box, this must be a climate election.

Signatories should be university researchers, have a PhD, or be engaged in university research/publishing in academic journals.

Professor Matthew Paterson, Research Director, University of Manchester.

Bill McGuire, Professor Emeritus of Geophysical & Climate Hazards, UCL.

Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director, Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR).


List of Signatories


619 have signed as of 20 November 2019


Full name

Highest academic degree achieved

Position and any relevant roles

Affiliated institution

Dr Sarah Dennis PhD Institute Manager for Global Food and Environment Institute University of Leeds
Dr Aase Villadsen PhD Research Associate University College London
Miss Abby BSc student University of Kent
Mr Adam Roberts MSc Conservation Biology Reforestation manager for Elephant Valley Project, Cambodia University of Kent
Mr Adam Willman MSc Doctoral researcher SOAS
Professor Adel Sharif PhD Professor University of Surrey
Dr Adele Aubrey EdD Manager Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute University of Manchester
Miss Adriana Burciaga MA PHD student UCL
Dr Aidan Westwood PhD University Lecturer University of Leeds
Ms Ailsa Roper MChem Master of Chemistry Doctoral Researcher Earth Surface Science Institute, University of Leeds
Dr Al Baker PhD Research Assistant in Sustainable Transport Behaviour University of Leeds
Dr Alastair Marsh PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Alastair Smith Phd Senior Teaching Fellow Division of Global Sustainable Development, University of Warwick
Mr. Alem Oyarmoi Master Postgraduate research student Newcastle University
dr alessandra mezzadri phd senior lecturer soas
Dr Alex Chapman PhD Researcher New Economics Foundation
Dr Alexander Charles Lees PhD Senior Lecturer Manchester Metropolitan University
prof alexis comber PhD Chair in Spatial Data Analytics University of Leeds
Ms Alice Maxwell-Lyte BSc Environmental Supervisor University of Bristol
Professor Alice Roberts PhD Professor of Public Engagement in Science University of Birmingham
Dr Alison Green PhD Psychology Former Pro Vice-Chancellor, Arden University, co-Director at, National Director (UK) Scientists Warning Transition Lab
Miss Alison Hutchinson MSc PhD Candidate Northumbria University
Ms Alison Oldfield MEd Lecturer University of Bristol
Dr Alistair Ford PhD Lecturer Newcastle University / Tyndall Centre
Mr Allen Duncan M A Architect / Lecturer University of Greenwich
Professor Alun Davies PhD (also FRS) Distinguished Research Professor Cardiff University
Dr Amy Munro-Faure PhD Living Laboratory for Sustainability Coordinator University of Cambridge
Dr Andreas Kafizas PhD Lecturer in Climate Change and the Environment Imperial College London
Dr Andrew Denis Millard Ph.D. Research Fellow for evaluation of Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
Professor Andrew Hayward MD Director UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Heakthcare Ucl
Dr Andrew L. Fanning PhD Marie Curie Research Fellow Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds
Dr Andrew Marsham DPhil Reader in Classical Arabic Studies University of Cambridge
Professor Andrew McMeekin PhD Professor University of Manchester
Dr Andrew Morris Ph D Hin. Snr. Lecturer UCL Institute of Education
Dr Andrew Reeves PhD Senior Lecturer. Lead on Education for Sustainable Development De Montfort University
Dr Andrew Rendell PhD Principal Lecturer in Biogeochemistry Oxford Brookes University
Dr Andrew Ross Brown PhD Research Fellow University of Exeter
Dr Andrew Ross Brown PhD Research  Fellow University of Exeter
Mr Andrew Simms MSc Research Fello Centre for Global Political Economy, University of Sussex
Prof. Andrew Westwell PhD Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Cardiff University
Prof Andy Challinor PhD Chair of Climate Impacts University of Leeds
Prof Angela Druckman PhD Professor of Sustainable Consumption & Production University of Surrey
Ms Anitha George MSc PhD student UCL
Dr Anja Heilmann PhD Associate Professor in Dental Public Health UCL
Dr Ann-Kristin Koehler PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Anna Ph.D College Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow University of Cambridge
Dr Anna Belcher PhD Ecologic Biogeochemist British Antarctic Survey
Miss Anna Bogdanova Bachelor’s Charity Manager, Project coordinator, Student UCL
Professor Anna Grear Oxon BCL Editor in Chief: Journal of Human Rights and the Environment Cardiff University
Miss Anna Mary Jemmett BSc Hons PhD researcher The University of Kent
Dr Anne Alexander PhD Director of Learning, Cambridge Digital Humanities University of Cambridge
Professor Anne Rosser PhD Professor of Clinical Neuroscience Cardiff University
Professor Anne Tallontire PhD Professor of Sustainability and Business University of Leeds
Dr Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Lebrun PhD Postdoctoal researcher British Antarctic Survey
Mrs Annette Garrett-Cox Masters Research Associate University of Bristol
Dr Annie Haight DPhil Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes University
Ms Annie Mitchell MSc and MA Clinical Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society,  Honoary Research Fellow, University of Plymouth, recipient of British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology Distinguished Contribution Award 2018. Devon Partnership NHS Trust
Dr Anoop Shah PhD Clinical Lecturer University College London
Prof Anson Mackay PhD Professor of Environmental Change; Faculty Vice Dean UCL
Dr Anthony Caravaggi PhD Lecturer in Conservation Biology, Associate Editor – Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, member of BES Wales Policy Group and the Royal Society of Biology University of South Wales
Dr Anthony Cunningham MSc Occupational physician Self employed
Dr Anthony Velazquez Doctorate Researcher University College London
Prof Antonia Layard PHD Professor of Law University of Bristol Law School
Mrs Antonia Lythgoe MEd. Senior Lecturer University of Bristol
Professor Antony Manstead D.Phil. Professor of Psychology (Emeritus) Cardiff University
Mr Antony Warne M Phil Senior Investigator Scientist MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Professor Awen Gallimore DPhil Researcher Cardiff University
dr Barbara Pizziconi phd Reader in Japanese Applied Linguistics SOAS, University of London
Ms Becky Horton HE eLearning Developer Oxford Brookes University
Mr Ben MMet Postgraduate Researcher University of Leeds
Dr Ben Kenward PhD Senior Lecturer in Psychology Oxford Brookes University
Professor Ben Rogaly PhD Professor of Human Geography University of Sussex
Dr Beth Richardson PhD Senior lecturer University of central Lancashire
Mr Biff Vernon BSc Retired Time and Tide Bell
Professor Bill Adams PhD Department of Geography University of Cambridge
Mr Bob Pomfret BA Geography Design Services Team Leader / Volunteer Reserve Warden Oxford Brookes University
Dr. Bona Muzaka PhD Reader King’s College London
Professor Brian Doherty pHD Professor of Political Sociology Keele University
Dr. Bruce Rawlings PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Texas at Austin
Dr Caitlin Robinson PhD Research Associate Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
Mr Calum Harvey-Scholes MSc Research Associate (Energy Policy) University of Exeter
Dr Cameron Scott Watson PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Carina Bartleet PhD Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes University
Dr Carl Death PhD Senior lecturer in Politics University of Manchester
Dr Carlo Morelli PhD Senior Lecturer Economics University of Dundee
Professor Carly McLachlan PhD Director Tyndall Centre Manchester University of Manchester
Dr Carol Mahoney PhD Project manager at EA Leeds University
Ms Caroline Douglas Bsc Curriculum manager environment earth and ecosystems science Open university
Professor Caroline Lear PhD Professor of Palaeoclimatology Cardiff University
Dr Caroline Mary Jackson-Houlston Ph.D Senior Research Fellow Oxford Brookes
Prof Caroline Peacock PhD Professor of Biogeochemistry University of Leeds
Dr Caroline Verfuerth PhD Research Associate Cardiff University
Dr Caroline Wainwright PhD Post-doctoral research assistant University of Reading
Dr Caroline Ward PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Ms Carolyn Blake MSc Researcher University of Glasgow
Ms Carolyn Murphy PGCE Senior Lecturer in Primary Education Oxford Brookes
Dr Cat Scott PhD University Academic Fellow University of Leeds
Miss Catherine Black Master’s Degree Dyslexia/SpLD Tutor & Assessor Oxford Brookes University
Prof Catherine Mitchell PhD Professor of Energy Policy University of Exeter
Dr Cecilia M. Liszka PhD Biological oceanographer British Antarctic Survey
Mrs Cecily Blyther Cert Ed Additional Learning Support, Maths Lecturer Petroc
Miss Ceire MSc student University of Kent
Professor Ceri Sullivan PhD Oxon Professor Cardiff University
Dr Charalampos Tsoumpas PhD Lecturer in Medical Imaging University of Leeds
Ms Charis Bridger Staatz Ba PhD Student UCL
Dr Charles Garnet Cox PhD Teaching Associate University of Bristol
Dr Charles ROUGE PhD Lecturer in Water Resilience The University of Sheffield
Dr Charlie Williams PhD Research Fellow University of Bristol
Dr Chiara Calastri PhD Lecturer in Rail Economics University of Leeds
Professor Chris Preist PhD Professor of Sustainability and Computer Systems University of Bristol
Dr Chris Smith PhD Postdoctoral researcher in climate change and climate modelling, contributing author and chapter scientist on forthcoming IPCC Sixth Assessment Report University of Leeds
Dr Chris Theobald PhD Associate member, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland
Dr Chris Wymant PhD Senior Researcher University of Oxford
Mr Christian Howell MSc Higher Education Lecturer in Wildlife Conservation University Centre Reaseheath
Dr Christian Maerz PhD Associate Professor in Biogeochemistry University of Leeds
Dr Christine Greenhalgh PhD Lecturer in Public Health The University of Manchester
Dr Christine Parkinson PhD Retired medical scientist and author on climate change Royal Society of Biology
Professor Christopher Cramer PhD Professor of the Political Economy of Development SOAS, University of London
Dr Christopher Langley PhD Retired science consultantn/a n/a
Prof Christopher Merchant PhD Professor of Ocean and Earth Observation University of Reading
Dr Christopher Satow PhD Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography Oxford Brookes University
Dr Christopher Symonds PhD Software Development Scientist University of Leeds
Mr Chun Hay Brian Lo MSc MSc Student University of Reading
Dr Claire Blencowe PhD Associate Professor of Sociology University of Warwick
Dr Claire Bulgin PhD Postdoctoral Research Scientist University of Reading
Professor Claire Cameron PhD Professor of Social Pedagogy University College London
Mrs Claire E Brown Masters PhD Reseracher University of Manchester
Dr Claire Garnett Phd Research Fellow UCL
Dr Claire Hoolohan PhD Research Fellow Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Resaerch, University of Manchester
Ms Claire Stewart MSc PhD Researcher University of Kent
Dr Clare Andrews MBChB, MRCGP GP and masters student in Populations Health UCL
Dr Clare Ostle PhD Research Scientist The MBA
Dr. Colin Manning Ph.D Postdoctoral Researcher Newcastle University
Professor Colin Teevan MA Former Professor of Screenwriting Birkbeck UL Birkbeck UL
Dr Dan Hodson PhD Research Scientist University of Reading
Dr Dan Stowell PhD Lecturer and Turing Fellow Queen Mary University of London
Mr Dan Widdon MEng Environmental Energy Engineering 15 years in Sustainability Consultancy and Sustainable Development roles LU Alumnus
Dr Dana Mills DPhil Lecturer Oxford Brookes
Mr Daniel Ayers MSc PhD Student Department of Meteorology, University of Reading
Dr Daniel O’Gorman PhD Vice Chancellor Research Fellow in English Oxford Brookes University
Professor Daniel Wight PhD Programme Leader Complexity in Health Programme University of Glasgow
Dr Daniela Fecht PhD Lecturer in Geospatial Health Imperial College London
Prof Dave Reay PhD Chair in Carbon Management University of Edinburgh
Mr Dave Seaman Masters PhD student in Conservation Biology University of Kent
Dr David Alexander Alderson PhD Senior Lecturer University of Manchester
Professor David Burslem PhD Professor of Ecology University of Aberdeen
Prof David Humphreys PhD Professor of Environmental Policy Open University
Mr David Innes MsC Project Coordinator University of Glasgow
Mr David Kelson Environmental studies None Humane
Professor Sir David King PhD, DSc Former Government CSA, and Climate Envoy Downing College,  University of Cambridge
Dr David R Williams PhD Lecturer in Environment, Sustainability, and Global Development University of Leeds
Dr David Sands EdD Lecturer University of Bristol
Professor David Shipworth PhD. Professor of Energy and the Built Environment, UCL Energy Institute. Chair – Demand Side Management Technology Collaboration Programme by IEA University College London
Mr David Somervell BArch Former Univerdity Sustainability Adviser The University of Edinburgh
Dr David Swapp PhD Senior Research Fellow UCL
Dr David Walker PhD Researcher Kyushu University
Professor David Whyte PhD Professor University of Liverpool
Professor Dawn Bazely D Phil (Oxford University) Biology Professor & director Inst for Research & Innovation in Sustainability (2006-14) York University
Professir Debby Cotton DPhil (Oxon) Professor of Higher Education and Director of Academic Practice Plymouth Marjon University
dr declan finney phd posrdoctoral research fellow in african climate dynamics university of leeds
Dr Denes Stefler PhD Senior research fellow University College London
Dr Derek Fawell DPhil Sussex Retired Lecturer in Astrophysics Ex UCL
Dr. Devendra Gauchan PhD National Project Manager/ Agricultural Economist with specific focus on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for food and agriculture and climate change adaptation Bioversity International
Professor Dipak Ramji PhD Professor of Cardiovascular Science Cardiff University
Dr Doerthe Rosenow PhD Senior Lecturer in International Relations; Subject Coordinator International Relations Combined Honours Oxford Brookes University
Dr Douglas Gooday Ph.D. Environmental Education professional North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership
Dr Duncan J Quincey PhD Academic University of Leeds
Dr Duncan J Quincey PhD Academic University of Leeds
Mr Edward Cook Masters Degree Research Fellow in Circular Economy Systems for Waste Plastics University of Leeds
Professor Edward Stephen Martin PhD Visiting Professor Learning for Sustainability University of the West of England Honorary Professor U of Worcester and President of the charity Change Agents UK. Policy Advisor UK National Commission for UNESCO
Dr Eleanor Newbigin PhD Senior lecturer SOAS, University of London
Miss Eleonora Iob MSc PhD Candidate/Teaching Fellow UCL
Mr Eliazar Luna MSc PhD Candidate UCL
Miss Elizabeth Clements BSc Zoology MSc Conservation Biology student University of Kent
Ms Elizabeth Ingram MSc PhD Student and Researcher UCL
Dr Elizabeth Lovegrove PhD Senior Lecturer, Educational Development Oxford Brookes University
Dr Elizabeth Rushton PhD Research Associate, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society King’s College London
Ms Elke Pirgmaier PhD Research fellow in Political Economy University of Leeds
Miss Ella Jeffreys MSc Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Fellow, SOAS; Scouloudi Fellow, Institute of Historical Research SOAS
Dr Ellen Jo Thompson PhD Research associate UCL
Dr Ellen Quigley PhD Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer (Responsible Investment); Research Association University of Cambridge
Dr Ellisif Wasmuth PhD Lecturer in Philosophy UoE
Miss Elsie Hargate BSc Environmental Geography Environmental Coordinator University of Huddersfield
Dr Elysse bautista PHD Researcher UCL
Dr Emily Tweed MPH Clinical Lecturer University of Glasgow
Miss Emma Burns BSc Geochemistry PhD Student in Arctic science University of Manchester
Dr Emma Cavan PhD Post-doctoral researcher Imperial College London
Professor Emma Crewe PhD Director, Global Research Network on Parliaments and People SOAS
Dr Emma Emanuelsson PhD Lecturer University of Bath
Dr Emma Hock PhD Research Fellow University of Sheffiled
Dr Emma JD Boland PhD Physical Oceanographer British Antarctic Survey
Dr Emma Lawrance DPhil in Clinical Neuroscience Mental Health Innovations Fellow Imperial College London
Miss Emma Pearce PhD Glaciological Geophsicist University of Leeds
Miss Emma Walker MSc PhD student University College London
Dr Esra Kurul PhD Reader in Organisational Studies in the Built Environment, undertaken research on energy retrofit of existing buildings, deliver modules that focus on sustainability Oxford Brookes University
Dr Esteban Devis-Amaya PhD Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes University
Dr Fanny Adloff PhD Researcher University of Reading
Dr Feyzi Ismail PhD Senior Teaching Fellow SOAS, University of London
Mrs Fiona Callender PGCE in Higher Education Senior manager at a chairy None
Mr François Seys MSc PhD student University of Nottingham
Professor Frithjof Kuepper PhD Chair in Marine Biodiversity University of Aberdeen
Mr. Fulvio D Lopane MSc PhD student Newcastle University
Ms G.Jones Mscarch retired architect, lecturer in technical architecture none anymore
Professor Gail Whiteman PhD Rubin Chair in Sustainability & Director of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business Lancaster University
Professor Gail Whiteman PhD Rubin Chair in Sustainability Lancaster University
Dr Gareth Bentley PhD Senior teaching fellow SOAS
Dr Gareth Dale PhD Senior Lecturer in Politics Brunel University
Dr Gavin Grindon PhD Senior Lecturer, Curating and contemporary art University of Essex
Dr Geoff Parkin PhD Reader in Hydrology and Water Management Newcastle University
Dr Geordan Shannon PhD Research Fellow UCL
Dr George Bennett PhD Research Associate UCL
Mr George Bryant Masters Lab Technician & PhD student The Open University
Dr. George Wilmers D.Phil. Director of Postgraduate Studies in Mathematics (Retired) University of Manchester
Professor George Wolff PhD Professor University of Liverpool
Ms Georgia Pickavance BSc (Hons) Marine Biology Research Data Co-ordinator (Tropical Forests) University of Leeds
Ms Georgina Barker Master of Science Distinction Policy advisor University of Leeds
Professor Gilbert Achcar PhD Professor of Development Studies and International Relations SOAS, University of London
Ms Gill Kinchen BSc Teacher/NHS Booking Clerk University College London
Dr GIllian Davison PhD Impact Evaluation Coordinator Northumbria University
Dr Gillian Langley PhD Retired medical charity science director n/a
Dr Gillian Stokes PhD Researcher UCL
Dr Gillian Young PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Glen Jankowski PhD Senior Lecturer Leeds Beckett University
Dr Graeme Hayes PhD Head of Department of Sociology and Policy Aston University
Professor Graeme Macdonald PhD Climaginaries International Research Group/English and Comparative Literary Studies University of Warwick
Dr Graham Jones PhD Associated researcher Gothenburg University
Mr Grant Anderson MSc Head of Sustainability University of Lincoln
Mr Gregory Norminton MA Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing Manchester Metropolitan
Dr Gregory Offer PhD Reader Imperial College London
Mr Guy Burger MSc Reports on freshwater environments Greengap Ltd
Dr Gwenda Pilling PhD Retired  Former Slaters Fellow University of York University of York (now retied)
Me Gwili Gibbon MSc PhD Candidate University of Kent
Dr HAIDER ALI PhD Research Associate Newcastle University
Kirsten Hall PhD Learning Development tutor Oxford Brookes University
Dr Hanna Nuuttila PhD Research fellow Swansea university
Ms Hannah Rowlands Master’s Research assisstant UCL
Dr Hannah Whitby PhD Lecturer in Oceanography University of Liverpool
Miss Harriet Dudley Undergraduate Climate change governance PhD researcher University of East Anglia
Dr Harriet Elizabeth Smith PhD Research Fellow – Climate change adaptation University of Leeds
Dr Harriet Martin PhD Visiting lecturer University of Birmingham
Professor Hayley Fowler PhD Professor of Climate Change Impacts, Newcatsle University; Contributing Author to AR6 WGI; Contributing Author to UK CCRA3 Newcastle University
Dr Heather King PhD in Science Education Reader in Science Education King’s College London
Dr Helen Czerski PhD Lecturer University College London
prof helen dawes phd prof rehab oxford brookes university
Dr Helen Manchester Phd Associate professor in education University of bristol
Ms Helen Pheasey Current PhD Candidate Biodiversity Conservation Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology
Dr Helen Sweeting PhD Reader University of Glasgow
Dr Helen Underhill PhD Postdoctoral Research Assistant University of Reading
Ms Helen Williamson MA Science TV Producer None
Professor Hester Parr PhD Professor of Human Geography and FacSS University of Glasgow
Miss Hiu Ching (Sheila) Wu University Foundation Student rep; Year 3 Wildlife Conservation student University of Kent
Ms Holly MSc PhD Researcher University of Southampton
Professor Hugh Montgomery MD Professor of Intensive Care Medicine UCL
Mr Iacopo Iacopini MSc Researcher in Mathematical Physics Queen Mary University of London
Dr Iain soutar Phd Lecturer University of Exeter
Professor Ian Durham PhD Professor and Department Chair Saint Anselm College
Prof Ian Gough MA Visiting Professor LSE
Dr. Irene Malvestio PhD Post-doc University of Bristol
Miss Iris Truscott BSc MSc student University of Kent
Dr Isabela Butnar PhD Senior Research Fellow in Bioenergy Systems UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
Professor Isky Gordon FCRP, FRCR Professor Pediatric Imaging Royal College Physicians
Dr Isobel Braithwaite MBBS Academic Clinical Fellow and Public Health Registrar University College London
Dr. J Bernadette Moore PhD Associate Professor University of Leeds
Dr Jack Laverick Doctorate Research associate University of Strathclyde
Mrs Jackie Malcolm MSc Social Research Methods Associate Dean Learning & Teaching, Senior Lecturer, I deliver a module that uses research in nature to inspire design intelligence (Biomimicry) Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design at the University of Dundee
Dr Jacqueline Houghton PhD Associate Professor University of Leeds
Professor Jaehoon Yeon PhD Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics SOAS University of London
Miss Jagoda Kucharska BA Personal trainer, fitness instructor Oxford Brookes UYniversity
Mr James A. King BA College Lecturer in Physical Geography University of Oxford
Mr James Derounian MPhil Principal Lecturer University of Gloucestershire
Mr James Kirkham MPhil PhD researcher University of Cambridge
Mr James Mason Masters degree PhD researcher The University of Manchester
Dr James Miller PhD Senior Lecturer & MA Course Director Kingston University
Dr James Mollard PhD Research Scientist University of Reading
Dr James Riley PhD Research Fellow University of Birmingham
Dr James Sumner PhD Senior Lecturer in History of Technology University of Manchester
Dr Jane Maddock PhD Senior Research Fellow UCL
Ms Jane Wernick BSc Consultant structural engineer FRAEng FICE FIStructE
Dr Jean Ledger Ph.D. Research Fellow UCL
Mx Jen Cronin MSc Doctoral researcher, Climate and Energy Economics UCL
Dr Jennifer Fletcher PhD Senior Research Scientist University of Leeds
Dr. Jennifer Patterson PhD Senior Lecturer in Education; PI Natural Learning and Environments University of Greenwich
Dr Jennine Jonczyk PhD researcher Newcastle University
Professor Jenny Jones PhD Director, CDT Bioenergy University of Leeds
Prof Jenny Nelson PhD Professor of Physics Imperial College London
Dr. Jenny Smith-Wymant PhD Health Engagement Officer National charity
Dr Jens Lerche PhD Reader SOAS University of London
professor Jeremy MacClancy DPhil professor social anthropology oxford brookes universtiy
Ms Jess Walsh BSc Research Science Intern Illumina
Dr Jessica Britton PhD Post-doctoral Researcher and Lecturer University of Exeter
Ms Jessica Fisher MRes Biodiversity Evolution Conservation PhD Candidate Biodiversity Management DICE University of Kent
Miss Jessica Grey BSc Student DICE
Dr Jessica Sklair PhD Research Fellow University of Cambridge
Dr Jessica Tipton PhD Director of Advocacy, Students Organising for Sustainability National Union of Students
Mrs Jo MSc Environmental Management Sustainability Manager, Fellow EAUC Loughborough University
Dr Jo Patterson Phd Senior research fellow Cardiff university
Dr Jo Shuttleworth Doctorate Lecturer in Counselling Psychology University of Manchester
Mrs Joanna Baker Bachelor of Arts Team Coordinator Oxford Brookes University
Dr Joanne Handford PhD Scientific Support Open University
Dr Joanne Tomkinson PhD Postdoctoral Researcher SOAS, University of London
Prof. Joe O’Mahoney PhD Professor Cardiff University
Dr Joe Turner PhD Research Associate University of Liverpool
Dr. Johannes Lützenkirchen Ph.D. Scientist KIT
Professor John Barry PhD Professor of Green Political Economy and Director for the Centre for Sustainability Queen’s University Belfast
Professor John Benjamin Charles WHITAKER DPhil Professor of Chemical Physics University of Leeds
Associate Professor, Marketing John Bowman Dinsmore Jr. PhD Associate Professor Wright State University
Prof John Culling Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Cardiff Univsersity
Doctor John Edward Basil Ponsonby Ph.D. Retired radio astronomer ex Univ of Manchester
Dr John Marsham PhD Associate Professor, and Met Office joint chair at the University of Leeds University of Leeds and National Centre for Atmospheric Science
Mrs Joie ledger MIBiol Senior Advanced Skills Technician University of Bristol
Dr Jonathan Busch PhD Research & Teaching Fellow Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds
Professor Jonathan Gosling MBA Emeritus Professor of Leadership University of Exeter
Dr Jonathan Louw PhD Secretary, UK and Ireland Chapter of the UN Principles for Responsible Management Educaton Oxford Brookes University
Mr Jonathan Lynch Bachelor’s of Science Postgraduate student University of Kent
Professor Jonathan Oppenheim PhD Professor of Quantum Theory University College London
Professor Jonathan Webber PhD Professor of Philosophy Cardiff University
Mr Joseph Oakley BSc MSc Conservation student University of Kent
Mr Joshua Robinson Masters Research associate University of Bristol
Professor Joy Carter PhD Vice Chancellor University of Winchester
Dr Julia Banwell Ph.D Lecturer University of Sheffield
Professor Julia Steinberger PhD Professor of Social Ecology & Ecological Eocnomics, IPCC Lead Author University of Leeds
Dr Julia Tindall PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Julian Greaves PhD Sustainability Manager IEMA
Dr Juliana Pugmire Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Research Associate University of Glasgow
Dr Julie Wheelwright PhD Senior Lecturer City, University of London
Miss Julie-Anne Hogbin MSc Programme and Communications Manager Climate Strategies
Dr Juliet Carpenter PhD Senior Research Fellow Oxford Brookes University
Dr Kaitlin Naughten PhD Ocean-ice modeller British Antarctic Survey
Dr Kara L Laing PhD Technical Specialist in an engineering consultancy UEA (PhD); Also MIMA & MIMechE
Dr Karen Schucan Bird PhD Lecturer University College London
Ms Kat Thorne Masters Director of Sustainability King’s College London
Dr Kate Lonsdale PhD UK Climate Resilience Champion University of Leeds
Dr Kate Simpson PhD Reeearch Associate Imperial College London
Dr. Katharine Steentjes PhD Research Associate, Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation Cardiff University
Dr Katherine Curran PhD Associate Professor University College London
Miss Katherine McCoshan MSc Associate na
Dr Katherine Twamley PhD Associate Professor University College London
Miss Katie Spencer Masters PhD Student University of Kent
Ms Katy Boom MBA Director of Sustainability University of Worcester
Dr Keir Philip MBChB Physician and PhD student Imperial College London
Dr Keith Baker PhD Researcher in Fuel Poverty and Energy Policy; Co-founder of the Energy Poverty Research initiative Glasgow Caledonian University
Emeritus Professor Keith Barnham PhD Distinguished Research Fellow Imperial College London
Professor Keri Facer PhD Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership Uppsala University & University of Bristol
Miss Kerry Wilson MSc CTRU Administrative Co-ordinator The University of Sheffield
Professor of Energy and Climate Change Kevin Anderson PhD Research active professor at Manchester University & previous director of the Tyndall Centre Univeristy of Manchester
Dr Kieran M R Hunt PhD Postdoctoral researcher in atmospheric physics University of Reading
Dr Kim Richmond PhD Associate Lecturer Open University
Miss Kirsten M Florentine MSc PhD Student “Why is the atmosphere becoming drier?”, Scholar, Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures & Student Ambassador, RMetS Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures
Ms Kirstie Jones-Williams MSc Polar Biology PhD Candidate British Antarctic Survey
Dr Kirsty Budds PhD Senior Lecturer in Psychology Leeds Beckett University
Dr Kirsty Crocket PhD Science Coordinator of the Changing Arctic Ocean research programme University of Edinburgh
Dr Krista Bondy PhD Associate Professor in CSR & Environmental Management University of Bath
Professor Laura Hammond PhD Professor of Development Studies SOAS University of London
Dr Laura Horsfall PhD Senior Research Fellow University College London
Mrs Laura Thomas-Walters MRes PhD Student University of Kent
Ms. Lauren Hennessy BSc in Mathematics and PGCE in Secondary Mathematics MSc Student in the School of Education and Teacher of Mathematics University of Bristol
Ms. Lauren Stabler MA PhD Researcher Anglia Ruskin University
Mr Lee Howes Bsc Research Technician UCL
Mr Leo Middleton Masters PhD Student University of Cambridge
Dr. Liang Guo PhD Researcher University of Reading
Dr Liese Coulter PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Lina Brand Correa PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Lindsay Keith PhD Research Fellow University of Greenwich
Dr Linsay Gray PhD Senior Investigator Scientist University of Glasgow
Cllr Lionel Openshaw MA Social Science Research Unit Publications Officer / Councillor at London Borough of Lewisham UCL Institute of Education, Department of Social Science
Dr Lisa Lazard PhD Lecturer in Psychology Open University
Dr Liz Shepherd PhD Sustainability Professional IEMA
Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh PhD Director – UK Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations Cardiff University
Dr Lucie Middlemiss PhD Associate Professor Sustainability Research Institute
Dr. Lucky Tran PhD Managing Director March For Science
Dr Lucy Ford Dphil Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes University
Dr Lucy Gilliam Phd Shipping and Aviation policy Transport & environment
Miss Lucy Karwatowska MSc PhD Candidate UCL
Miss Lucy Oates Masters of Science Research Fellow and PhD Candidate University of Leeds
Dr. Luis Garcia-Carreras PhD Lecturer and researcher in atmospheric and climate science University of Manchester
Dr Luís Pedro Pratas Branco Santiago MSc PhD candidate, published author, researcher with years of experience in the Amazon region studying large predators Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent
Mr Lukas Hardt MSc Sustainability (Ecological Economics) Postgraduate Research Student University of Leeds
Dr Luke Heaton PhD Post Doc University of Oxford
Mr Luke Marsden MSCI PhD Student University of Leeds
Professor Lulu Healy PhD Chair in Mathematics Education, Director of CRESTEM (Centre for Research in STEM Education) King’s College, London
dr lydia hallis phd lecturer, shcool of geographical and earth sciences university of glasgow
Dr Lyle Skains PhD Senior Lecturer Bangor University
Professor Machiko Nissanke PhD Emeritus Professor of Economics SOAS, University of London
Dr Madeleine Morris PhD Postdoctoral Research Associate Grantham Institute, Imperial College London
Dr Madeline Dewhurst PhD Staff tutor The Open University
Professor Mahmoud Ezzamel Ph.D. Research Professor Cardiff zuniversity
Dr Manuel Gomes PhD Associate Professor UCL
Dr Marc Hudson PhD Research Associate University of Manchester
Dr Marc Tischkowitz PhD Associate Prof in Medical Genetics University of Cambridge
Professor Marcia Worrell PhD Professor,  Head of Dept UWL
Doctor Marcos Francisco Perez PhD Postdoctoral researcher Centre for Genomic Regulation
DR Maria Beger PhD University Academic Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Mariana Galante PhD Research Fellow University of Cambridge
Ms Marianne Pietschnig MSc PhD student (final year), published author University of Exeter
Dr Marianne Salomon PhD Research Associate Cardiff University
Dr Mark Laffey PhD Senior Lecturer, International Relations SOAS University of London
Mr Mark Prosser MSc Environmental Science PhD University of Reading
Mr Mark Spicer BSc Hons Program Manager University of Vinh
Dr Markus Todt PhD PDRA University of Reading
Dr Marta Bruno Soares PhD Met Office University Academic Fellow University of Leeds
Ms Martha Cadle M.A – FHEA Student Support Coordinator Oxford Brookes
Dr Martin Austwick DPhil Senior Lecturer (Honorary) UCL
Dr Martin Burgess PhD Research Associate University of Manchester
Dr Martin Mowforth Ph.D. Visiting Specialist Plymouth University
Miss Martina Juliette Bristow MSc and MMath PhD researcher in marine environmental science British Antarctic Survey
Dr Mary Jean Chan PhD Lecturer in Creative Writing (Poetry) Oxford Brookes University
Mrs Mary Kitchener MA Educational Developer Oxford Brookes
Mr Massimo D’Aloia-Thompson BA student n/a
Mr Matthew A Jay MSc PhD Candidate and Honorary Research Associate UCL and Great Ormond Street Hospital
Professor Matthew Cobb PhD Professor of Zoology University of Manchester
Dr Matthew Eagleton-Pierce PhD Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy SOAS University of London
Dr Matthew Lang PhD Space Weather scientist, formerly worked on CO2 budgets over Europe University of Reading
Prof Matthias Eberl PhD Professor of Translational Immunology Cardiff University
Dr Maureen Phoebe Ellis PhD Senior Research Associate at UCL-IoE and AL at the Open University UCL-IoE and Open University
Mr Max Richens M.Phil Technical director, ceramic glazes. No longer affiliated, but IVE and Member Institute of Ceramics (as was)
Dr Maxine Woolhouse PhD Senior Lecturer Leeds Beckett University
Miss Megan Arnot Masters PhD student University College London
Professor Megan Povey PhD Professor of Food Physics University of Leeds
Dr Melanie Rohse PhD Research Fellow Anglia Ruskin University
Dr Melissa Glackin PhD Senior Lecturer in Science Education King’s College London
Professor Merideth Gattis PhD Professor of Psychology Cardiff University
Dr Mia Perry PhD Senior Lecturer, Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainable Solutions, University of Glasgow University of Glasgow
dr Michael Cassidy PhD Research fellow Oxford University
Dr Michael Herzog PhD university lecturer University of Cambridge
Dr Michael Hrebeniak PhD Director of Studies & Senior Lecturer in English Wolfson College Cambridge
Professor Michael John Pilling PhD Presently Emeritus Professor, previously Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of Composition Research at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science University of Leeds
Mr Michael Morris Masters of Engineering PhD student UCL
Professor Michael W. Charney PhD Professor of Asian and Military History SOAS
Professor Michael Wright PhD Professor of Operational Research Lancaster University
Dr Michal Nachmany PhD Policy Fellow, climate governance and legislation Grantham Research Institute, LSE
Dr Michelle McCrystall PhD Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Exeter
Professor Mike Wallace PhD Professor of Public Management Cardiff University
Dr Milagros Ruiz PhD Research Fellow in Epidemiology UCL
Mr Mitchell Rae MSc MSc Research Assistant Kent University
Dr Monica Koo PhD Research Fellow UCL
Professor of Socio-legal Studies Morag McDermont PhD Dircetor, MSc in Socio-Legal Studies University of Bristol
Dr. Nachiketa Chakraborty Ph.D. Postdoctoral Researcher Reading University
MSc Nasrin Haacke MSc PhD student School of engineering
Dr Natalie lord PhD Research Associate University of Bristol
Dr Nathan Forsythe PhD University Research Fellow (specialising in hydroclimatology) Newcastle University
Dr Nayeli Gonzalez Gomez PhD Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes University
Dr Neil Jennings PhD Partnership Development Manager Grantham Institute – Imperial College London
Dr Nicholas Beuret PhD Lecturer University of Essex
Professor Nick Cowern DPhil Emeritus Professor, retired Newcastle University
Prof Nicole Pohl PhD Professor in English Oxford Brookes
Ms Nicole Watson Master of Research PhD candidate UCL
Dr Noel Longhurst Phd Lecturer in Energy and Climate Change University of East Anglia
Mr Oliver Broad MSc Research Associate UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
Professor Oliver Phillips PhD Chair in Tropical Ecology University of Leeds
Ms Olivia Allen MSc Sustainability Manager IEMA
Miss Olympia Campbell Masters PhD Student UCL
Ms Orjola Shahaj Master in Public Health Social Epidemiology Student at UCL UCL
Dr Orly Razgour PhD Lecturer in Ecology University of Southampton
Dr Oscar Berglund PhD Lecturer in International Public and Social Policy University of Bristol
Ms P Chaney MSc VetMB Ecologist .
Professor Paul Braterman DPhil DSc Hon Sr Researcher, Glasgow; Prof Emeritus N Texas University of Glasgow
Dr Paul Coxon PhD Research Associate University of Cambridge
Prof Paul Howard-Jones PhD Professor of Neuroscience and Education University of Bristol
Dr Paul James Mann PhD Associate Professor Northumbria University
Emeritus Professor Paul Kinnersley MD Director of Clinical Skills (Retd) Cardiff University
Professor of Organometallic Chemistry Paul Lickiss PhD Professor and Academic Leader on Sustainability Imperial College London
Dr Paul Marchant PhD Visiting Fellow, CStat Leeds Beckett University
Dr Paul Stevens PhD Senior Lecturer Centre for Alternative Technology  & University of Derby
Dr Paul Timms PhD Senior Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr Paul Vare EdD Postgraduate Research Lead University of Gloucestershire
Dr Paul Wake PhD Reader Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Paul-Francois Tremlett PhD Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies The Open University
Dr Paula LM Gonzalez PhD Research Scientist NCAS-Climate,/ Department of Meteorology, University of Reading
Ms Pauline Gowing Tertiary Gallery Assistant none
Professor Penny Gowland PhD Professor of Physics University of Nottingham
Professor Peter Belton PhD Emeritus Professor UEA
Professor Peter Case PhD Professor of Organization Studies University of the West of England
Professor Peter Connor PhD Associate Professor of Sustainable Energy Policy University of Exeter
Dr Peter Hough PhD Associate Professor in Politics Middlesex University
Dr Peter McLoughlin PhD Lecturer in Politics Queen’s University Belfast
Professor Peter Reason PhD Emeritus University of Bath
Miss Petia Tzokova Master of Research PhD Student Researcher University of Cambridge
Dr Philip Catney PhD Senior Lecturer in Politics Keele University
Dr Philip R Webber PhD Chair, Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR)
Miss Philippa Calver Postgraduate diploma Research Associate Keele University
Ms Philippa Roddis Masters Postgraduate Researcher University of Leeds
Dr Pierre PhD Research Fellow UCL
Mr Prem Gill PhD Candidate (BSc awarded) PhD Candidate with Scott Polar Research Institute, ECR Diversity Champion for British Antarctic survey, Polar Conservationist with WWF British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge Conservation Institute, Scott Polar Research Institute, WWF
Professor Priscilla Alderson PhD Professor Emerita UCL
Professor Rachel Harrison PhD Professor of Thai Cultural Studies SOAS University of London
Dr Rachel Howell PhD Lecturer in Sustainable Development University of Edinburgh
Dr Rachel Thomson MPH Clinical Research Fellow in Public Health University of Glasgow
Dr Rahul Rao DPhil, International Relations Senior Lecturer in Politics SOAS University of London
Dr Raphael Buttigieg MD Physician Nhs Scotland
Mx Raquel Boso Perez MA Research Assistant and PhD student University of Glasgow
Professor Ray Ison PhD Professor of Systems The Open University
Ms Rebeca Robertson MSc Professional Services SOAS
Ms Rebecca Masters Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes
Miss Rebecca Finney Masters Green Impact Administrator University of Sussex Students’ Union
MSc. Rebecca Jean Wicker Master of Science PhD Candidate University of Eastern Finland
Dr Rebecca Rees PhD Associate Professor University College London
Ms Rebecca Upton MSc PhD Researcher Global Sustainability Institute
Professor Rebecca Willis PhD Professor in Practice, Lanaster Environment Centre Lancaster University
Dr Ria Dunkley PhD Lecturer University of Glasgow
Professor Richard Bolden PhD Director of Bristol Leadership and Change Centre University of the West of England
Professor Richard Pancost PhD Head of School of Earth Sciences University of Bristol
Professor Richard Smith MSc Adjunct Professor Imperial College Institute of Global Health Innovation
Dr Rizwan Nawaz PhD Statistician University of Leeds
Dr. Robert A. Jonas Doctorate Psychologist & land trust board member The Empty Bell sanctuary
Dr Robert Andrew Jamieson PhD PDRA University of Leeds
Dr Robert Evans PhD Visiting Fellow Anglia Ruskin University
Dr Robert Kowalski DPhil Senior Lecturer (retired) in Sustainable Development UFRA, Belem, Para, Brasil
Professor of European Politics Robert Ladrech Ph.D. Head of School, Social, Political and Global Studies (SPGS) Keele University
Prof Robin Shields PhD Professor of Education University of Bristol
Dr Robin Smith PhD Senior Research Scientist NCAS, University of Reading
Dr Robyn Tuerena PhD Postdoctoral researcher University of Edinburgh
Dr Roderick Galam PhD Senior Lecturer in Sociology Oxford Brookes University
Dr Rolf Jucker Ph.D. Director SILVIVA Foundation
Mr Ronan McCabe MSc PhD researcher University of Glasgow
Dr Rory Padfield PhD Lecturer in Sustainability University of Leeds
Mrs Rosalie Terpstra MA Centre Manager Cardiff University
Prof Rosalind Wade MSc Professor of Education for Sustainability London South Bank University
Dr Rose Capdevila PhD Senior Lecturer The Open University
Ms Rosemary Lobban MSc PhD candidate University of Greenwich
Dr Rowena Stern PhD Microbial Ecologist, co-chair ICES working group for Phytoplankton and Molecular Ecology Marine Biological Association
Roy Butterfield, Profesor Emeritus, Civil Engineering, University of Southampton Roy Butterfield DSc professor emeritus University of Southampton
Dr Ruth Wood PhD Senior Lecturer in Environment and Climate Change University of Manchester
Dr Sally Veitch PhD Sustianability Engagement Coordinator, Associate Lecturer Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Sam Illingworth PhD Senior Lecturer in Science Communication Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Samantha Ferrett PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Tropical Waves and High Impact Weather University of Reading
Miss Samantha Treagus Bachelor of Science (Hons) PhD student molecular biologist University of Exeter
Dr Samuel J. Cooper PhD Lecturer Imperial College London
Professor Sandra Piazolo PhD University Professor, researcher and lecturer University of Leeds, UK
Ms Sara Esser MSc Research Assistant University College London
Ms Sarah Beale MSc PhD Student UCL
Ms Sarah Berk BSc PhD Candidate University of East Anglia
Dr Sarah Briggs BMBCh Clinical Research Fellow University of Oxford
Dr Sarah Crafter PhD Senior Lecturer The Open University
Dr Sarah Gretton PhD Associate Professor, ESD lead University of Leicester
Dr Sarah James PhD Research Fellow University College London
Dr Sarah Jasim PhD Research Fellow UCL, QMUL, Imperial College London
Dr Sarah Mander PhD Tyndall Manchester The University of Manchester
Dr Sarah Royston PhD Research Fellow, GSI Anglia Ruskin University
Dr Sarah Tweedie PhD Investigator Scientist University of Glasgow
Mrs Sarah Warren MSc Former Senior Scientific Officer with English Nature English Nature
Dr Sarah Whitmore PhD Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes University
Mr Scott Davidson BSC Ecology Assessor UEA
Dr Scott Hosking PhD Senior Environmental Data Scientist British Antarctic Survey
Dr Selma Guerreiro PhD Fellow in climate change impacts Newcastle University
Professor Seralynne Vann PhD Professor Cardiff University
Dr Serban Scrieciu PhD Senior Research Fellow University Colege London
Dr Seyed Ali PhD Teaching Fellow SOAS, University of London
Mrs Sharon Boyd MSc Senior Lecturer University of Edinburgh
Professor Sharon Simpson PhD Professor University of Glasgow
Dr Simon PhD Senior Lecturer Open University
Dr Simon Attwood PhD Honorary Research Fellow Bioversity International
Mr Simon Barrett MSc PhD Candidate University of Glasgow
Professor Simon Bottrell PhD Head of School of Earth and Environment University of Leeds
Professor Emeritus Simon Catling MA Retired professor of primary education and geography Oxford Brookes University
Dr Simon Mitchell PhD Post-doctorate Research Associate DICE, University of Kent
Dr Simon Pirani PhD Senior Research Fellow Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Ms Siri Ockerman Undergraduate degree Student DICE, Kent University
Miss Sonia Ouertani Master Communications officer UCL Bartlett
Dr Sophie Day PhD Senior Research Associate – Adaptation to climate change University of East Anglia
Ms Sophie Gill MSci 3rd year PhD candidate in negative emissions technologies University of Oxford
Mr Sophus zu Ermgassen MSc PhD University of Kent
Dr Soung-U Kim PhD Research Fellow SOAS University of London
Dr Srinivasa Vittal Katikireddi PhD Senior Clinical Research Fellow University of Glasgow
Mr Dr Staffan Holmqvist PhD Scientist, engaged citizen Cambridge University
Miss Stav Friedman BSc Research Assistant and Climate Change MSc student Kings College London
Ms Stefanie Deinet MSc PGRA ZSL
Dr Stefanie Lotter PhD STF SOAS
Dr Stefano Maffei PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Professor Steffen Boehm PhD Professor in Organisation & Sustainability University of Exeter
Dr Stephanie Johnson PhD Scientist ECMWF
Dr Stephanie Mawson PhD Research Fellow University of Cambridge
Dr Stephanie Williamson PhD Biological Science Staff Scientist Pesticide Action Network UK
Dr Stephen Hurt PhD Reader in International Relations Oxford Brookes University
Professor Stephen Sterling PhD Emeritus Professor of Sustainability Education University of Plymouth
Prof Steven Brown PhD Professor of Health and Organizational Psychology Nottingham Trent University
Dr Stuart Capstick PhD Research Fellow, Associate Director, Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations Cardiff University
Ms Susie Diamond Bsc Partner at building physics consultancy Inkling
Professor Tadj Oreszczyn PhD Professor University College London Energy Institute
Dr Tamsin Barber PhD Senior Lecture Oxford Brookes University
Ms Tanya Thompson MSc Conservation Biology Graduate Trainee Kentish Stour Countryside Partnerships DICE,  School of Anthropology
Dr Teresa Willis PhD Lecturer The Open University
Dr Theocharis Kromydas PhD Research Associate University of Glasgow
Ms. Theresa Nelson Masters in archaeology PhD Researcher, University of Sheffield
Dr Thomas Hancock PhD Research Fellow University of Leeds
Dr. Thomas Marois PhD Senior Lecturer SOAS University of London
Dr Till Bruckner PhD Researcher TranspariMED
Professor Tim Bayliss-Smith Ph.D. Emertus Professor of Pacific Geography, Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
Prof Tim Jackson PhD Director, CUSP University of Surrey
Mrs. Timea Korda-Kovats Master Research assistant Oxford Brookes University
Dr. Tobias Keller Ph.D. Sciences Lecturer Computational Geosciences University of Glasgow
Dr. rer.-nat. Tobias Opialla PhD PostDoc Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology
Mr Toby Litt MA Reader in Creative Writing Birkbeck College
Dr Tracy Ann Hayes PhD Lecturer in Institute of Health University of Cumbria
Professor Trevor Dale PhD Deputy Head of Division, Molecular Bioscience Cardiff University
Mr Trevor Sloughter MSc PhD Student University of Strathclyde
Prof Tristan McCowan PhD Professor of International Education UCL
Mr Troy Scott Blankenship II MSc PhD student, making carbon capture materials from waste University of Nottingham
Dr Tyron Louw PhD Researcher University of Leeds
Dr Valeria Scagliotti PhD Postdoctoral Research Associate King’s College London
miss Vanessa Odell MSc Education for Sustainable Development Coordinator Nottingham Trent University
Dr Vanessa Richardson PhD Research Associate University of East Anglia
PhD Vasco Zeferina Master PhD University of Manchester
Dr Victoria Redclift PhD Associate Professor University College London
Dr Viktoria Spaiser PhD University Academic Fellow in Political Science Informatics University of Leeds
Dr Volker Patent PhD Lecturer & Researcher The Open University
mr wilfred calder-potts masters PhD Student University of Reading
Will Hayes Will Hayes MSc PhD Biodiversity Conservation University of Kent
Dr Will Homoky Ph.D. University Academic Fellow, Fellow of the UK Challenger for Marine Science and Chair for Advances in Marine Biogeochemistry University of Leeds
Dr. William K Smith PhD Assistant Professor University of Arizona
Emeritus Professor William Scott PhD Chair of Trustees: National Association for Environmental Education University of Bath
Rachel Wilmshurst BA Hons University Administrator Oxford Brookes University
Dr Wim Melis PhD Associate Professor of Holistic Design University of Greenwich
Ms Xanthe Polaine Masters PhD Researcher Newcastle University
Dr Xavier Lemaire PhD Senior Research Associate University College London
Dr. Xiaofeng Li PhD Research Associate Newcastle University
Miss Yael Masters Research Associate on EnergyREV – National Skills Needs Assessment University of Bristol
Dr Zareen Bharucha PhD Senior Research Fellow Anglia Ruskin University