On the 24th September we are holding a climate crisis education day.

Get your school involved:

Send an email to your headteacher, ask that you get taught about the most important issue of our time.
You can find an email template at here. If you can’t get your whole school to participate, you could talk to individual teachers or educate your peers yourself.

The government has not reformed the national curriculum to address the climate crisis as an educational priority, so once again we feel we must take matters into our own hands and educate ourselves.


Take a day off-timetable. Focus your education on the climate crisis.

Do an assembly, lead a lesson. Tell everyone about the climate crisis.


What to teach:
The climate crisis is a huge and complicated issue, here are the topics we recommend focusing on.

Climate Science
Telling climate fact from fiction can often be hard. Look at the 2018 IPCC report for the facts about 1.5° warming.

Climate Action

Look at what different groups and individuals have done to fight the climate crisis. How can we learn from them?

Climate Justice
Learn that the climate crisis isn’t going to affect us all equally, and learn what we can do about this injustice.

Climate Solutions
What do we need to see happen to prevent an irreversible crisis? What do our governments and businesses need to do?


Are you a teacher?

We have resources and topics for teachers available here.



To show that schools take our education seriously, and are truly treating the ecological crisis with the urgency it deserves, we ask that every school agree to our 7 School Pledges. These may be submitted to schools by students, parents, teachers, or governors, and should be explicitly agreed to and promoted within the school and its community.

An agreement to UKSCN’s 7 School Pledges is an agreement to actively centre action and education at the heart of the youth climate movement, with schools and students working together to bring about real, radical change.