Why is climate education so important?

UKSCN’s second demand is to teach the future, and we aim to educate students all over the country about the climate emergency and ecological crisis. We, the students of today, are going to grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow – and the purpose of our education is to prepare us for this. Our futures are going to be greatly affected by the climate crisis, yet we’re barely being taught anything about it. If the government continues to hide the truth from us, then we must take it upon ourselves to self-educate, and to teach others around us.

So how do we do that?

We have made and collated a series of resources to support climate education in your school. We’ve got lesson plans, learning resources and even teacher training opportunities – all 100% free! Why not get your head teacher to agree to an off-timetable dedicated to learning about climate justice? Or you could send our learning at home resources to your teachers, and at the same time, encourage them to attend our free, online climate justice teacher training sessions!

Some of these projects are still in the works, but we will be regularly updating this page so keep a look out!