The outbreak of COVID-19 across the world is worth panicking about. We must treat this as the crisis that it is, but we also recognise that, like the climate crisis, it is impacting the vulnerable the most. We understand that it’s not about bargaining which crisis is most important; we have many crises, and these are just two of them.

In line with new government regulations, UKSCN advocates for a cancellation of all climate strikes while this pandemic lasts. It is a risk to your health and those around you to partake in mass gathering such as these, and would violate the guidelines to only leave your house for specific essential purposes.

However, we must remember that the way in which we deal with this pandemic will define the years to come; in times of crisis, it is important that we do not shut down into an individualistic mindset. We must make sure that we continue to centre climate justice and the principles of the Green New Deal, such as decentralisation to give communities autonomy.


UKSCN have signed onto these principles:
  1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions. Resource health services everywhere; ensure access for all.
  2. Provide economic relief directly to the people. Focus on people and workers – particularly those marginalized in existing systems – our short-term needs and long-term conditions.
  3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives. Assistance directed at specific industries must be channelled to communities and workers, not shareholders or corporate executives, and never to corporations who don’t commit to tackling the climate crisis.
  4. Create resilience for future crises. We must create millions of decent jobs that will help power a just transition for workers and communities to the zero-carbon future we need.
  5. Build solidarity and community across borders – do not empower authoritarians. Transfer technology and finance to lower-income countries and communities to allow them to respond using these principles and share solutions across borders and communities. Do not use the crisis as an excuse to trample on human rights, civil liberties, and democracy.

In all actions, it is important to remember the current coronavirus crisis (as well as the climate crisis). Furthermore, many narratives around coronavirus and the environment have been guilty of peddling an ecofascist narrative; take a look at why we are opposing this here. It is important to remember that climate justice must include social justice.

Climate justice and social justice should be community-focused, to help communities and strive for climate justice we must continue with supporting our community, especially in times of crisis. Mutual aid groups help communities and members of those communities in vulnerable positions during this crisis. The need for mutual aid comes from a community focused point of view, all of these are values UKSCN attempts to embody.

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