Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between UKSCN, UKYCC, and YS4C?

We can totally understand the confusion; UKYCC and UKSCN both have a lot of overlap. Both are separate organisations of young people fighting for climate justice. However;

  • UKYCC - UK Youth Climate Coalition is a organisation led by people aged 18-29 working on a variety of environmental campaigns.

  • UKSCN is a newer, student led organisation that largely focuses on promoting the views of other students, particularly those under 18 who therefore don’t have voting rights, with the aim of fighting for our future on this planet.

  • #YS4C- Youth Strike 4 Climate - is an event hosted by UKSCN (with the help of our partner movements), entailing a UK-wide school strike protesting the lack of Government action to combat our current Climate Crisis.

Why should I strike?

We feel that, facing a lethal ecological crisis, we as a generation must take direct action where the older generation has failed. As Greta Thunberg said, “You don’t have to school strike, it’s your own choice. But why should we be studying for a future that soon may be no more?”. Protesting and striking is our best way to force the government to take action. You can click here for a further detailed list of 10 reasons we need to fight for Climate Justice.

What is UKSCN’S purpose?

UKSCN is an organisation led by and for students, who’ve been forced to take direct action to fight for a future that has been stolen as a consequence of the actions of previous generations. Our Mission Statement further details why and how we’re doing this. To learn what we are urging the government to do, read our Demands.

HOw is ukscn funded?

Our organisation is run mostly on volunteer power but we want to massively expand and develop the network. To pay for essential costs such as website hosting and resources for strikes, we rely upon donations from others who also feel they must take action to fight for Climate Justice. To these donors we are enormously grateful, as for UKSCN even a few pounds can make a huge difference.

Has your question not been answered?

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