Green New Deal

What is it?

The Green New Deal is a set of principles to guide a policy plan that will fundamentally restructure our economy to deliver good jobs and a livable future. As part of the Green New Deal collectively you are signing on to these minimum standards:

Why do we need a Green New Deal in the UK?

It is now clear that we need a bold and radical plan to fight the climate crisis at the scale that scientists say is necessary. To do that we need to transform our economy and society at the speed necessary to prevent climate breakdown. We need to do what is required of us - not simply what is seen as politically possible.

To make that happen, we propose to massively shift the debate on climate change in the UK. Through a high-profile and interventionist campaign, GND UK will fundamentally alter the political and public conversation on climate action. We will shift the conversation away from the small incremental changes currently being demanded and proposed in Westminster. Instead, through this radical intervention we will create the unstoppable political momentum needed for bold, dynamic and creative cross- government response to climate change.

A decade of austerity has crippled communities across the UK, and people are ready to take back control of their economic and environmental futures. A GND would put people and planet first -- harnessing the energy of many who have been left behind by business as usual.

It will be a movement of people who want to see a new approach to running our economy for radical action on climate change, creating a vehicle for the energy and passion of campaigners across the UK, and bolstering the European and trans-atlantic climate movements. It would also spark and inspire the wider environmental movement to adopt a more urgent and radical approach to climate campaigning - platforming and adding capacity to this national campaign.

For more info, check out our ‘Intro to the Green New Deal’ guide here.