Soon, students across the UK will be striking once again to protest lack of government action to combat the climate crisis. Below is a step by step guide on how you can join #YouthStrike4Climate.


Step 1-Find a strike

You can find a list of these locations on our site. If you want to set up your own strike in your town or city, please check out this guide,  and get in touch if you want further support.

Step 2-Seek permission

Seek permission. You’ll need permission from your parent/guardian to miss school which is usually only done in situations of illness. Absence can also be granted in ‘exceptional circumstances’ and many believe that imminent climate break down is ‘exceptional’. Neither UKSCN nor Youth Strike 4 Climate is encouraging you to break the law and you can legally strike with permission for absence from your school. Some people to do chose not to seek permission and that is their own choice.

You stand the best chance of success with a clear understanding of your personal motivations to strike, consent from your school, and permission from a parent / guardian. Resources to help you talk to your school can be found here. Letters parents can send to your school to help you get their permission can be found here.

Step 3-Spread the word

Spread the word. In order to create a meaningful impact, UKSCN needs your help to make the #ClimateStrike on 13th March to be as big as possible. Thousands of students have attended strikes across the world in recent months, and to do the same in the UK we need to reach as wide an audience as possible. The best ways to do this include:

  • WhatsApp; if you have filled out the form to set up a new strike, we will contact you with instructions on how to set up an organising group in your area.

  • Sharing the website; Sending the link to our website to as many people as you can, along with sharing in on social media or in group chats is a great way to further spread information about the UK wide strike. Here’s some inspiration for messages that you can send to people.

  • Talking to people about what you’re doing; if you’ve got this far, chances are you’re passionate about this issue. Talking to anyone and everyone about UKSCN, the #ClimateStrike on 13th March, and how students are fighting the ecological crisis we have created will spread this passion and be powerful in gaining their support. You can find our posters here.