Education is key to understanding and fighting against the climate crisis. Here, you can find resources to learn about UKSCN.


This is an explanation of what we’re fighting for, why we’re fighting for it, and how we’re doing it.


Find out how to get in touch with our press lead for media inquiries, coordinating interviews and providing comments, click below.

Partner movements

We’ll admit it; we’re a little late to the party. Here are some movements that have offered us their support and experience.

Green new deal

This vital policy agenda for achieving true climate justice for all has attracted attention on the other side of the Atlantic. Now, we’re demanding that it’s implemented in the UK. Find out what the Green New Deal means.


These are our specific demands for the changes our government needs to make to combat our climate crisis.


In a new movement like ours, lots of questions are asked in order for it to be understood. We hope we’ve answered all of yours in our FAQ .