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UKSCN was started by and relies on the support of people volunteering their time to support our presence on and offline. We value people from all backgrounds and experiences who are willing to collaborate, learn, and share their knowledge & expertise.

The national organising team manages UKSCN’s centralised operational work (such as running the website), supports local groups and works on outreach and campaigns at a national level.

If you would prefer to get involved in local organising, please sign up to one of our regional teams.

How does it work?

The national organising team is split into 5 strands, each of which manages a different aspect of our work. If you would like to get involved, please have a read of what each one does, and then choose which strand(s) you would be most suited to and fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


The communications strand is responsible for getting our message out to the world! This happens through running the social media and newsletter, creating graphics, art and films, and working on behind-the-scenes stuff for press and media.

This strand is ideal for you if you have any specific skills in this area (eg. graphic design, film making or writing press releases) or are super good at engaging people.


The operations strand is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work that enables UKSCN to function as an organisation. It is made up of people who manage the website, answer emails, manage finances, recruit new volunteers, etc.

This strand is ideal for you if you enjoy administrative work.


The outreach strand is responsible for increasing the outreach of the youth strikes movement, both working with national organisations and supporting local groups to do outreach in their area. The areas within this include working with schools, trade unions, faith groups, etc.

This strand is ideal for you if you are good at linking up with external groups and building strong connections


The support strand is responsible for ensuring all the different local and regional groups, and the different strands, get the support they need. It includes helping local organisers get started in organising strikes and providing legal support.

This strand is ideal for you if you have experience with a local group, are good at networking with different people and understanding different issues they might face.


The campaigns strand functions a bit differently to the others in that it is a space for other groups to work together on temporary and longer term campaigns, such as the Teach the Future campaign and our Climate Justice Bill. We don’t onboard new people specifically into this strand as generally it is something people join specifically to work on a certain campaign, but if you get involved in one of the other groups then it is likely you may end up doing work here too.

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Please be aware that we recieve a high volume of applications so it may take a while for us to get back to you. You should receive a response by email.