Our letter to politicians


On the 15th of February, students across the UK went on strike to publicly demonstrate that we will no longer be pushed out of the dialogue surrounding the critical environmental threat for our generation. On the 15th of March we will strike again in solidarity with young people in 80 countries; we are forced once again to take the security of our futures into our own hands. As young people, we face the greatest threat from this issue. We shouldn’t have to be the ones leading action to prevent ecological breakdown and yet we have been left with no choice.

Organisers of the strikes in Germany, France and Belgium have met with major political leaders such as Emmanuel Macron and Mayor Anne Hidalgo. Greta Thunberg has spoken at the World Economic Forum and the UN COP24 climate conference. The UK must show its commitment to addressing the climate crisis and immediately reform policy that is currently failing to keep us below emissions targets.

After the last UK-wide strike, we received widespread support and criticism, both public and political; it’s clear we’ve been heard but we, the students, must be listened to.

We challenge all political leaders, including Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, Arlene Foster, Adam Price, Mark Drakeford, Mary Lou McDonald, Caroline Lucas, Vince Cable, and Nicola Sturgeon, along with key ministers and policy-makers such as Sadiq Khan, Michael Gove, and Damian Hinds, to meet with representatives from UKSCN. We seek to discuss the climate policies we are committing to in the UK, the representation of the voices of young people in this issue, and what the UK will be doing to take responsibility for its share of global emissions. This is in order to make a just, swift and total transition to an emissions neutral UK to curb the most imminent and devastating results of climate breakdown.

We are already seeing the destructive and sometimes irreparable effects of a changing climate and we know that personal lifestyle changes are no longer enough. Systemic change is needed to radically cut harmful output from all sectors of the economy. The decisions made in Parliament today determine the security of our futures on the planet as we know it. We will no longer sit and watch the total disregard that has been shown for the safety of our generation.

We are presented with a twelve year ultimatum; one that constitutes the largest ever threat to our livelihoods and futures. So, we are turning to you to open the conversation and allow meaningful and sustained youth input into climate policy.



UK Student Climate Network