UKSCN isn’t the first movement to fight for climate justice and it won’t be the last. Below are some other organisations and movements that have been vital in pushing forward the climate movement in support of UKSCN.


Scottish Youth Climate Strike

Scottish Youth Climate Strike (SYCS) coordinate the #YouthStrike4Climate movement in Scotland.

Youth Climate Association Northern Ireland

Youth Climate Association Northern Ireland (YCANI) coordinate the #YouthStrike4Climate movement in Northern Ireland.


The UK Student Climate Network is part of the international Fridays For Future movement and draws a lot of inspiration from the ideas and campaigning of Swedish 17 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg. The movement she founded, Fridays for Future, refers to how she — and now many others too — strike every Friday to protest the lack of effective climate legislation on a governmental level. Thanks to Greta, students throughout Europe now regularly strike on Fridays. Click here to listen to Greta’s Ted Talk.

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