UK Student Climate Network acknowledges the need for students and schools to work together to actively campaign for a fundamental change to our education system and establish a youth striker presence in every institution. Our educational framework must allow and encourage students to mobilise and be proactive to tackle the climate crisis with the urgency it requires; education and action go hand in hand, because change isn’t possible if no one teaches us that we need it.



Students have a right to strike from school, and the power and right to take part in protests is necessary to enact change and prevent impending global climate breakdown. Many schools have been enforcing severe punishments and harshly disciplining their students for engaging in monthly strikes and the UK Student Climate Network will not stand for this - we will be contacting these schools and demanding that they respect the importance and vital nature of the climate strikes.

We need your help to build a list of schools that have been responding positively and negatively to strikes so that we promote the great work of some schools, supporting young people in the fight for our futures, and end the punishments and unjust, cruel discipline from schools who fail to recognise the drastic necessity of student empowerment.

What did your school say? Please fill in the form below to tell us about your school’s reaction to YouthStrike4Climate - it will only take a minute. You may be kept anonymous if you wish. You can also email us at


Teach The Future

On May 24th, our YouthStrike4Climate campaign focused on our second demand, Teach The Future, which calls for the government to reform the national curriculum and educational system to address the ecological crisis as an educational priority. You can read our open letter to the government and educational institutions here.

As we build up to the next global strike we understand that many schools are shockingly unsympathetic to our cause, failing to see that protest is a human right which students should be able to exercise. If your school refuses to let you strike, or threatens you with disciplinary action, please email us using the Contact Us section below.


School Groups

The UKSCN Schools Outreach and Development team has created a number of resources and guidelines for students to use, particularly when setting up their own UKSCN School Groups. These are effectively a reformed version of eco-clubs, combining education and action to mobilise students nationwide to protest against government inaction on the ecological emergency. You can find out more about UKSCN School Groups and how to set them up using the Step By Step Guide below.

To register a UKSCN School Group, email us with the name of your school and the region so we can put you in touch with your local UKSCN regional coordinator and other School Groups in the area, as well as any help or support you require.

UKSCN has created resource packs for individuals and UKSCN School Groups to use when raising awareness and educating other students about the climate crisis. Contact us if you want a resource pack.


School Pledges

To show that schools take our education seriously, and are truly treating the ecological crisis with the urgency it deserves, we ask that every school agree to our 7 School Pledges. These may be submitted to schools by students, parents, teachers, or governors, and should be explicitly agreed to and promoted within the school and its community. An agreement to UKSCN’s 7 School Pledges is an agreement to actively centre action and education at the heart of the youth climate movement, with schools and students working together to bring about real, radical change.

Actions In Schools

Students who are unable to strike or volunteer with UKSCN may wish to organise their own protests or actions in their schools. It is important to be aware of repercussions that may occur as a result, and UKSCN is always on hand to support and respond to any issues that arise. We are hugely supportive of student mobilisation in schools; the youth strikes have shown us that students can enact the change we need to see. It’s time to up the ante, and organise in schools and communities too.

Some well known protest tactics, some of which are non-violent direct action, that are utilised in several movements include:

DIE INS - This is a tactic in which participants simulate being dead, often dropping to the floor without those not involved having much prior knowledge of the event.

SIT DOWNS - This involves demonstrators entering a business or a public place and remaining seated until evicted or until their grievances are answered.

BLOCKADES - This tactic involves participants blocking off areas or pathways to obstruct and disrupt what would otherwise be a regular day or ‘business as usual’.

If you are at an event, we have a number of speeches on educational themes that anyone is welcome to use, as well as lists of chants. Speeches are best when they come from the heart, but we are available to help write speeches or plan any events.

For more information, please contact us using the section below.


Contact Us

If you have any queries, or simply wish to get in touch, please email us:

To get involved with the UKSCN Schools Outreach and Development team, please fill out the volunteer form or email us directly.