We believe that education is vital for change, and as a group within UKSCN, we have been working non-stop to involve schools in our movement!

We are creating a network of UKSCN School groups across the country, creating important collaborations with shared goals and resources. By joining the network you will get regular news and updates, publicity opportunities, the chance to have your voices heard in nationwide actions, and resources to help your group grow. We also have a teachers network in the form of a Facebook group – find out more by having a look at our school networks page.

During the past month we’ve been making and collating a series of lesson plans, learning resources and training packages to help you, and your school learn more about climate justice. Have a look at our climate education page for resources!

We have also developed the Teach the Future campaign, alongside SOS-UK, which aims to repurpose the entire English education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis. Have a look below for more info!

Have a look at our latest project, the #classrooms4climate campaign, which aims to get schools all across the country to declare a climate emergency and put pressure on the government to take direct action now! We are currently working with another organisation to take this campaign to the next level, so make sure you keep checking for updates!