UK Strike - #YouthStrike4Climate

We are choosing to rise up and take direct action where older generations have failed. We are already facing devastating and irreversible impacts around the world. This is our final chance to fight for our futures, and our ages will not be what stop us. On Friday 15th of February, more than 10’000 students across the UK went on strike to protest lack of government action to combat our climate crisis, and 50’000 participated on the 15th of March. Now we’re doing it again: join us on the 24 May to amplify our voices once again

For information on how, where, and why to strike, go to our navigation bar, and hover over the drop-down menu for ‘strike’ (on mobile, click the + symbol in the top right, then > strike)

UKSCN aims to support students all over the country striking for their future. This is only possible because of small donations from people like you. Please consider donating here